Nice Truck,
But Your Hitch Sucks

Highest Quality Adjustable Trailer Hitch

The Only Hitch
You’ll Ever Need

Rhino Hitch was developed to be the best adjustable hitch on the market. Our hitch is the only one of its kind that can be adjusted without removing the trailer, and it can be done in seconds instead of minutes. The ease of use and the sleek design keep our customers coming back. This is the last hitch you will ever need.


Wayne B

“I love my Rhino Hitch. My truck has a 10” lift on it and this Rhino Hitch makes it easy to pull standard trailers and interchange to the correct ball size with the ease of only pulling a pin to adjust the height so I can pull my trailer level and safe. The engineering behind this product is also amazing. I get a lot of people that ask me about this hitch and I refer them directly to the website so they may purchase one for themselves. I’d also recommend a lock so it is not easily stolen. They have numerous accessories so it’s a one stop shop.”

Steve N.

“My Rhino Hitch is awesome! I liked the selection of hitches and ratings to choose from to meet my needs. I get a lot of compliments on how nice and sharp it looks. The ease of adjusting the towing height and the ball size is great! Towing with it feels very tight and sturdy. I definitely recommend a Rhino Hitch for your towing needs.”


“I absolutely LOVE my Rhino Hitch! Before I purchased one I was carrying around five different hitches because I needed different drop heights and ball sizes. This one does it all! I’ve had it for about a year now and it still works just as good as the day I bought it. These things are durable, dependable, and very versatile. People ask me all the time where they can get one. Don’t waste your hard earned money on anything else. Buy a Rhino Hitch!”